Although the domicile of the HotBit exchange isn’t very clear, some speculate the company to be operating from China. It has been able to accumulate over 540,000 users trading on the platform from 170 different countries. That accounts for something, doesn’t that? HotBit exchange was founded in 2018 and with the company operating the exchange is Shanghai Gametree Information Technology Co. Ltd. Making it a reasonable doubt to think that HotBit is from China. Working our way past that information, there is a lot more to understand about this exchange. In particular, things that make this platform reliable and trustworthy among such a huge list of supporters.

First of all, HotBit supports multiple digital assets including many unusual ones that you may not find anywhere else. There are over 600 cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. It may sound like a lifetime deal. The experienced traders would understand the worth of such an opportunity for sure. Next is the fact that HotBit has very high liquidity. Apart from these perks, HotBit also has 24 by 7 customer service and is highly secure. From the date of its release till now, there have been no threats reported. And, it does make this exchange trustworthy enough.

In this review, we would be finding out the various features about this HotBit exchange, it’s a trading fee, and much more to identify its true worth. If you are looking for a user-friendly trading platform for beginners, you must not miss this part at all. So, here we begin.

How to Create Account on Hotbit?

It is much simpler than any other exchange out there. Yes, the opening of an account to the depositing of cryptos to trading, all things are just laid out there for you to pick from. An easy interface, lots of information to dig from, a huge list of cryptocurrencies, and whatnot. All this becomes available as soon as you sign up for the platform. And, as said, this won’t be a difficult task too.

To start with, you must visit the HotBit website and opt to register an account with the exchange. The soon you do that, you will be asked to fill in some details including your email address. Make sure you have the email account handy as you will receive a verification email on the same.

This will lead you to the dashboard. You can sign in with the login credentials. It does have the two-factor authentication which you must enable to secure your account’s gateway away from threats.

Later, you can deposit the cryptocurrency and start trading. The good news is that you do not need to complete your KYC to deposit or trade on this exchange. However, you must ensure that the KYC Is completed if you wish to withdraw from HotBit.

For your knowledge, HotBit is a very user-friendly exchange. The interface is clean and consists of all the details very well prepared. You have got charts and analysis to decide your next moves. And, it is easy for experts as well as beginners to apprehend in just a few here and there. You can also make use of indicators and tools to enhance your analysis as needed. Most of all, it would never cease to impress you with its intuitive yet simple design.

Hotbit Fee

HotBit fee isn’t too high. You would certainly find it lower than the industry average. The exchange charges 0.2% from the takers. However, unlike every other platform, the makers of the trades are rather appreciated than being charged. Yes, for making trades, you receive 0.05% from the exchange in return.

What is important to note is that the deposits are free as well. However, you must pay the withdrawal fee. This is almost equal to the network fee and highly competitive. Some do believe that the withdrawal fee is on a higher side, but you must compare it with other platforms to come to that conclusion. Because what we know, it is surely highly competitive.

Withdrawal Limit

As mentioned, you must complete the KYC to withdraw funds from the HotBit account. And, you can withdraw as much as $10,000 in 24 hours.


Nothing makes sense if the exchange fails to offer security to its users. And, HotBit understands that important a lot better than many crypto exchanges out there. It is completely reliable. And, the fact that it ensures the account safety using 2FA verification says a lot.

Moreover, the exchange has not been compromised in its two years of existence is surely a fine milestone to see it that way. Mostly, the HotBit exchange has been able to build a reputation of its own by helping its customer feel at ease when stacking their funds with the platform.

Customer Care

While the exchange offers 24/7 support, some claim that the help comes a bit late when compared to the other top exchanges. If you would consider that, you may find yourself holding back. But that does not mean that support is unresponsive.

They do handle customers’ requests with whatever it takes. However, you may feel the support a bit lazy at times, if you listen to some of the reviews.

The Conclusion

HotBit exchange is a very reliable platform. From interface to features, it has all ingredients making it perfectly balanced. You can also take the benefits of the native token, HT. Using the token for transactions would get you extra discounts pertaining to the trading fee.

And, it is secure too. With many advanced security measures, the platform also cares for the best interest of its users. Unlike encouraging users to stack their funds for earning rewards, HotBit believes in the distribution of a part of the interest earned. You must visit the official website to learn more about the same. However, it is clever to offer users more ease of control of their own funds.

In short, HotBit is a trustworthy option. And, does makeup to the list of top three exchanges.